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Elizabeth Hopkins

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About Me

The children in the Hopkins family learn from an early age that they are the direct descendants of the largest family on the Mayflower. At a later age, they learn...that was just the tipple talking. In a family where pilgrim trivia is abundant, where Cape Code is considered holy ground, and where children share names with passengers aboard the Mayflower, settling in the Commonwealth is a forgone conclusion.

Elizabeth Hopkins is a member of the morning ensemble at Fox25 in Boston. She comes here from Providence, Rhode Island. At WRPRI, she anchored the morning and noon shows and co-hosted The Rhode Show, a lifestyle and entertainment program. Before that, she spent several years at WKOW in Madison, Wisconsin, where she anchored and reported daily. There, she garnered an Emmy nod for her piece on "bug chasing," a term which refers to those seeking HIV infection. Prior to working in Madison, she anchored the evening news at KNBN in Rapid City, South Dakota. She began her career at KAUN in Sioux Falls.

In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys not camping. She cooks, although friends and family have asked her to stop. Her yet-unrealized life's dream is to be recruited for a flash mob. She has an inexplicable fondness for accordion music. While Elizabeth's mother waits in desperation for a grandchild, her father hopes for one named Oceanus--the first child born in the new world. Mom will eventually get her way. Dad is out of luck.



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“Elizabeth Hopkins reacts gracefully, never thrown by breaking news or quickly changing network priorities. She is the consummate professional: smart, quick, and able to read a room and an audience. Elizabeth can make anyone feel at ease during an interview, even when she is asking the tough questions. When called upon, Elizabeth can also be Boston’s #1 sports fan. Elizabeth would be an incredible member of any team. She is incredibly versatile, enthusiastic, willing to learn new things. She is open to diverse assignments, from routine to those that would stretch the comfort of any veteran anchor. Equally important, Elizabeth (better known as Lilly) is loved by viewers – she is the friend that everyone hopes to have, and her warmth and spot-on comedic timing further endear her to viewers. On summer Fridays, the WFXT morning news goes on the road to cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth. Elizabeth can handle the joys of live TV as well as the unpredictability of working in-the-moment with the general public. She is the player who can pivot on a dime and does not get flustered. If someone makes an error, she plays it as though it was part of a master plan. I had the sincere pleasure of working with Lilly for eight years. She is a leader in the newsroom, a trusted friend to the viewers, a teacher to her colleagues and always willing to say yes to her managers. Her talents are infinite, and she truly is someone you don’t just want on your team; you need her on your team.”

- Amy Sullivan
Director of Strategic Partnerships and EP, Studio25
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